it’s okay to not have your entire life figured out

Ever since I could remember, I have always been asked by aunts, uncles, grandparents, teachers etc. “What do you want to be when you grow up?” My answers changed over the years from princess to mommy to teacher to author to journalist etc. But, as I write this post I am still not entirely sure of what is going to be my path. I am in school for Child & Youth Studies, when I accepted my offer I had plans to become an elementary teacher. But even over these past couple of weeks that I have been in class, I am slowly changing my mind. What other opportunities are there? What other careers can I strive for? I don’t want to waste my money on tuition, books, parking etc (however, I am so so thankful that this university in particular has free parking!!!) and then end up not knowing what the heck to do at the end of it all. It is scary. But, we have time. It may feel like time is running out, and that quite possibly you may be nearing the end of your current school program. But, do your research, find different options, try different things out and keep focused. I have found it’s also really helpful to ask different people who are already in the field you may be thinking of what their experience is like among other questions. I have a couple family members who are teachers and I’ve learned a lot of different things that I didn’t know before and I’ve gotten a lot of insight. Networking and making those connections can ultimately lead you to greater opportunities, doors that were never there before and also an opportunity to get to know the career choice before getting too far in. I think that may also be another factor in to why I am re-thinking becoming a teacher because now I have some insight as well as I am a little bit more knowledgeable about other career choices that I didn’t even know there were. I think that the ability to be open minded will lead you to doors that others may not have the chance to open. Go with the flow while still remaining focused. Be open minded, willing to try new things, learn new things and it will change your entire outlook and possibly your entire career path. Something I have also found useful is that when I was in college for Early Childhood Education, I only took it to bridge into my current university program. I knew (or what I thought I knew) that the only career option for that ECE program was essentially to become an ECE. But by the end of the program, I had been involved in placements, presentations and had the chance to talk with people who were high up in the field and I actually found that there were so many more options in this field other than just being an ECE. Moral of the story is, trust the path you’re on. Find out more and try to continuously learn, You don’t have to have your whole life figured out yet because things change and the only option is to keep finding new opportunities and to have that open mindset.

how to go to the damn gym

So, I’ve had such a love/hate relationship with the gym for years. I see (and follow) a ton of fitness girls on instagram such as Tammy Hembrow, Gabby Scheyen, Caroline Omahony, Shannon Henry just to name a few. I’ve idolized these girls for their dedication and their ability to wake up everyday and get their asses to the gym while also maintaining a great diet I might add. So, if I idolize these people so much why don’t I try to improve myself and just do it? Well, to be frank – it’s what I like to call gym anxiety. The times that I feel motivated and ready to hustle and actually make it to the gym, I immediately feel regret as soon as I park my car. It sets in. I’m here. Now, maybe the gym anxiety comes from not knowing how to use every single machine there? Or maybe the fear of people looking at me while I work out or judging me on the light weights that I use. Whatever it is, my mind is truly taking advantage of this whole experience for me. I wish I could just shut it off and go in there, crush a workout and leave happy. My solution lately has been going with my boyfriend and practically following him around doing his workout routine because I get too scared to do my own. The truth is, nobody is looking at you. Everyone is there for the same reason and everyone started where I am now – doing those light weights and getting used to the machines and the environment. The hard facts are that nobody really cares that I’m there or not, they are focused on their success and their improvements physically. So, I have decided to do the same. I know that every time I park my car at the gym, that sneaky gym anxiety shivers through my body and so I have found a few solutions that are helpful for me and might be helpful for anyone else who has the same issue.

Number one – headphones. I like to wear my airpods (yep, basic) and I’ve already compiled a list of songs that are geared towards pumping me up, which are typically hip-hop and a little EDM. I’ve named it GYM and so far I have about 40 songs. The music helps to get me into my own little zone and I enjoy my workouts 1000x more with music playing anyways.

Number two – wear a hat. Hats are great for the gym because a) don’t worry about your hair frizzing from the sweat and b) it gives off a “don’t talk to me” vibe. Now, that vibe isn’t to be rude, it’s more of a “I am here for the sole purpose of working out”. I also think it gives me a bit more confidence for some reason (?)

Number three – plan ahead. I know that whenever I don’t plan my routine, I end up just walking over to the treadmills and I feel super awkward about not knowing what to do next. Planning ahead will make sure you’re prepared for the workout and know where to go, which reduces the anxiety and stress! I actually purchased a workout plan from Gabby Sheyen called Gabby Gains Guide Vol. 2.

Number four – grab a partner! Now, I normally go with my boyfriend. But his workouts aren’t exactly perfect for what I am trying to accomplish. He is trying to grow his arms and chest like most men, and I’m trying to grow my legs, glutes and overall tone my entire body. I will still do arm exercises of course – those aren’t crossed off the list. But, try to grab a partner who has the same goals as you such as another girl friend.

Number five – pre-workout. This is completely optional. Pre-workout is not for everyone. But, I like to use Rivalus Powder Burn 2.0 in the flavour Orange. It’s not too extreme but it gives me some energy and gets me extra pumped to go to the gym, and it also forces me to stick to it because it’s not exactly good for you to just take pre-workout and skip your workout.

I hope these tips helped a few of you that may have the same issue as I do. If any of you purchase the Gabby Gains Guide, there’s a facebook group that’s called Gain With Gabby and it’s basically just a group of girls that are all in the same boat and want to improve their fitness/health! They are super supportive and it’s a sweet group, even if you haven’t purchased it you can still join, it kind of helps to know that there’s lots of other people who are feeling the same way.

Til next time, my dudes.

hey i’m new here

Wow. Who would’ve known I’d actually sit myself down and create my very own wordpress blog. I’ve been thinking about creating my own blog for quite some time now but I always just push the idea away. I’m not exactly sure if people read blogs as often as I do? Or are they just mindlessly scrolling through instagram, twitter and facebook without wanting to actually read anything? Well, I decided – fuck it.

So, I’d like to introduce myself before I get into all of this “posting my entire life on the interweb” business. My name is Samantha, Sam for short because it’s easy. I’m currently twenty-two years old and I am enrolled in university for Child & Youth Studies. I am a mother to my adorable siamese-tabby named Lincoln and I am currently in a happy and healthy relationship (thankful thankful thankful!!!) with a wonderful man named Tannor.

Anyways, this blog post will be super short and sweet because let’s face it – it’s my very first one so let’s not get too heavy. Stay tuned, my dudes.