We Never Said Only Black Lives Matter

I have had enough of hearing people rebuttal and try to argue the #BlackLivesMatter with “Ahem, no…It’s ALL lives matter.” AHEM, no. We never said ONLY black lives matter. We never said that white lives don’t matter or that non-black lives don’t matter. We never said that black lives matter more than other lives. We are simply focusing on the issue that is at hand.

A terrible and tragic event happened that cost George Floyd his life. The officer that arrested him and kneeled on his head for over 9 minutes, while he begged that he couldn’t breathe. He begged until he couldn’t any longer. After countless protests and media, that officer has been arrested. But this doesn’t mean the end.

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There are lives that have been taken that we should also not forget. Tragedies are happening in our own backyards. People have become afraid of police, afraid of government. Who do you call when the police are the ones murdering?

There truly isn’t any words that I could write that would be enough to explain my sadness and condolences. I am horrified and angry at our corrupt government and world. Racism is still very VERY real. The colour of your skin should not make a damn difference but it does. When I get pulled over, I am scared of getting a speeding ticket. When POC get pulled over, they are scared of getting killed. That is the difference.

We must use our privilege and SPEAK UP. Don’t just repost an instagram picture and call it a day.

SIGN THE PETITION: http://chng.it/nctsX4MbYH

TEXT “FLOYD” to 55156

TEXT “JUSTICE” to 668366


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