hey i’m new here

Wow. Who would’ve known I’d actually sit myself down and create my very own wordpress blog. I’ve been thinking about creating my own blog for quite some time now but I always just push the idea away. I’m not exactly sure if people read blogs as often as I do? Or are they just mindlessly scrolling through instagram, twitter and facebook without wanting to actually read anything? Well, I decided – fuck it.

So, I’d like to introduce myself before I get into all of this “posting my entire life on the interweb” business. My name is Samantha, Sam for short because it’s easy. I’m currently twenty-two years old and I am enrolled in university for Child & Youth Studies. I am a mother to my adorable siamese-tabby named Lincoln and I am currently in a happy and healthy relationship (thankful thankful thankful!!!) with a wonderful man named Tannor.

Anyways, this blog post will be super short and sweet because let’s face it – it’s my very first one so let’s not get too heavy. Stay tuned, my dudes.

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